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The focus of the company is the professional support of the client during the execution of construction projects - from the first project idea to the initial operation both at home and abroad. For us the professional project work is not a question of project volume or the limitation of the industrial area.

Basis for a successful cooperation is the often long-time customer loyalty and the resulting knowledge of special requirements. Trust is the core element of an efficient collaboration.

Due to the background of our customers, we have been mostly involved in industrial projects so far - ranging from a small reconstruction project in Styria to a Greenfield project in distant Russia.

The most important requirement for a successful work of a service company is its employees. Especially for projects the project experience is invaluable. A competent and experienced team in the own office and tested and proved partners at home and abroad are all preconditions in order to handle even big construction projects successfully.

Our services

Project management thermal power engineering


  • Preparation of project schedules
  • Resource planning / resource-controlled scheduling 
  • Ongoing schedule control
  • Planning, tendering
  • Accompanying project cost control
  • Chairing the coordination meetings (including taking minutes)

OUr services

for our clients

Overall Planning

ENERTEC understand its function as an overall planner as an information and coordination hub between client, specific planners, suppliers of technologies and public authorities. The responsibility of ENERTEC is the implementation of the client’s specifications and the meeting of quality requirements and deadlines during the planning process.

The highest aim of our planning activities is the creation of a preferably perfect production environment. This target is reached through intensive coordination between the client and our well attuned, experienced planning team. The planning is done in cooperation with established partner offices for the areas of architecture, structural design and electrics, soil mechanics, sound and fire protection. These co-operations got well attuned through yearlong work.

Whether projects are located at home or abroad, the centre of our planning is located in our Styrian working environment. When doing projects abroad, our local planning team is supported by partner offices on site, which prepare the specific requirements of the foreign country for our planning.

ProjeCt MAnAGement

The project managers of ENERTEC can look back on a long experience in a managerial position. Broad background knowledge about planning and implementation as well as about tendering and forms of contract are a solid basis for a successful project management.

Established project management techniques are helpful tools but they can not compensate for personal experience, commitment, sense of responsibility and even less the ability to lead a team.

For us the assignment of the management of a project is primarily a sign of confidence from our customer. Trust does not occur spontaneously but must be developed through a long and successful collaboration. This knowledge accounts for the high sense of responsibility with which we approach this task.


Construction projects - regardless of its size – require structured working. Project control by our definition means to support the client respectively the project management professionally in order to determine the project structure, to define the responsibilities and the workflow in the daily adminstration of the project.

Practical experience encourages an efficient project handling and helps to recognise and demonstrate negative developments in time in order to save time and costs.

Realistic time scheduling, rational handling of discussions, complete documentation and information management, fore-sighted control of costs and deadlines are objectives for a successful project administration.

SITE Management

The chronological last step in the life cycle of a construction project is normally the implementation on construction site. The building supervision on site is therefore a crucial task during the implementation phase. The site managers are the connecting link to the operating companies. Long practical experience on site is therefore indispensable for a successful site management.

An essential cornerstone for successful site management is established know-how and experience as well as deep knowledge of the planning and its background, the tender and the building contract. That is the only way to realise quality assurance and simultaneous awareness of costs.

A close cooperation with the planning contributes to find solutions quickly in case of urgent problems on site. Our site managers have gained long experience on site and they are used to operate as the long arm of the project management in the purpose of the client.

"WE can not create projects but we can contribute essentially to their success"