ENERTEC is an engineering office that covers the entire range of thermal power engineering – reaching from refrigeration technology, the classic HVAC field with heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as media supply for industrial processes to industrial combined heat and power plants.

The company in Graz was founded in 1991. With the gradual participation of ZETA at ENERTEC and the now even larger pool of know-how, the customers of both companies benefit.

For our clients in the fields of industry, trade and services we always aim to find cost-effective and overall solutions and to support their implementation.

OUR Mission

Our ultimate goal is meeting the expectations and demands of our clients. This is achieved through innovative solutions with a scientific background.

We stand out due to the fact that we can support our clients in all technical affairs not only in the actual planning but also in the field of consulting and the following implementation of the developed concepts.

We find solutions for the energy-related supply of production sites and buildings of our clients.


experience of many years

  • Highly-qualified and motivated employees
  • permanent education and training
  • contractors that meet our own high standards 
  • close contact to public authorities as well as to university and non-university research institutions
  • modern measurement equipment
  • a quality policy that is consistently practiced

generate synergies which turn benefit to those we are committed to:


Enertec Highlights

Thermal power engineering from COLD up to HOT
Energy audits

according to Austrian Energy Efficiency Law (EEffG)
5 certified energy auditors


2 State-certified, publicly appointed and sworn experts
1 certified  CO2-manager

Quality management according to  ISO 9001:2015