Digital Energy Twin - DET

Optimised operation and design of industrial energy systems


System analysis, Data analysis

Institute / Organisation
AEE – Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE INTEC)

Research programme
This project is funded by the Climate and Energy Fund.

Industrial energy systems for manufacturing are mainly designed for single supply technologies, not designed for the fluctuation of energy demand and energy supply and thus can only react to a volatile demand and supply (thermal and electric) to a limited extent.
The overall objective of DigitalEnergyTwin is to support the industry with the development of a methodology and software tool to optimize the operation and design of industrial energy systems. By this, a maximum impact and multiplication in other industrial companies and sectors will be achieved and the industry benefits from a reduction of costs and risk of investment decision, which will lead to a significant increase of the implementation of renewable energy technologies as well as technologies for higher energy efficiency in industrial production.
The core of the project is the development of the optimization approach, applied for single use cases as well as a real implementation in manufacturing industry (for example austrian PCB-manufacturer AT&S).

Period of time